Reading into History

"In addition to the self esteem this opportunity provided, [this program] was of enormous educational value. . .Reading these books has really given us a springboard to explore. . .important time periods in history."
-AM, parent

Reading Into History
Ages 9 – 12

Do you love reading books about the people and places in American history? Do you want to discuss them with their authors and other history fans and explore real museum artifacts? Then Reading into History is a family book club for history detectives like you.

One Sunday each month, families can attend a virtual book discussion where they share reactions to the book; see cool museum artifacts and original documents that bring the book to life; and meet other history detectives, authors, and special guests! Past authors have included Walter Dean Myers, Rita Williams-Garcia, Phillip Hoose, Kirby Larson, Tim Tingle and Avi, just to name a few! 

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Sunday, May 16 | 2-3 pm

Meet Hanna, a half-white, half-Chinese girl in Linda Sue Park’s deeply empathetic, award-winning novel, Prairie Lotus. And join us to discuss Hanna’s world in 1880’s midwest America—her education, her attempts at making friends, and her work in her father’s shop. Author Park weaves together threads of xenophobia, homesteading, Indigenous people (the Ihanktonwan), and the day-to-day details of Hanna’s world in this richly written and deeply empathetic book. Curator and exhibition designer Cynthia Lee will help us understand the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and what Chinese American lives would have been like during this time in the west.

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Sunday, June 6  | 2-3 pm

Celebrate Pride month and join us to explore the life and impact of Bayard Rustin, a civil rights leader and openly gay man. Talk to one of the co-authors of Troublemaker for Justice, Michael G. Long, and dig into Rustin’s adherence to non-violence and civil disobedience, and his belief in the value of community organizing.

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What made John and Abigail Adams' marriage such a powerful one? Listen as New-York Historical President and CEO Louise Mirrer talks to David Bruce Smith, author of the illustrated book Abigail & John, about the remarkable, egalitarian union between the President and First Lady.




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